Granada Hills
18th annual Street Faire

October 21, 2023 – 10am to 5pm

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Street Faire?
How about showing off that Classic Vehicle?

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Past Sponsors

San Fernando Valley Car and Truck Club

About Us

Granada Hills Chamber Of Commerce Serving Granada Hills Since 1927

We are a Group of People…

We are business and professional men, women, youth and residents who have the same interest and pride in our community.

Working together…

We meet as a group or as committees, analyzing problems, proposing solutions, initiating discussions, examining related facts, acting in
accordance with the expressed will of the majority, constantly striving to improve business and build a better community.

To make a Better Community to Live and Make a Living…

To strive to make Granada Hills a safer, cleaner, more beautiful place where business people and residents acknowledge a mutual
dependence upon one another, a place where the new business person wants to open a shop, and where the visitor receives a sure and
friendly welcome. A place that looks with a critical eye on conditions which may be improved and, finally, a place where each day is a
better day for accomplishment.

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